The PALfect
Plan for the
future you desire

Are you an entrepreneur or an employee of a small business? We have the perfect plan for your future.

What you get from the
PAL Micro Pensions Plan


With any amount, you can save towards the tomorrow of your dreams daily or weekly and enjoy other benefits while at it. Grow your funds until retirement; more contribution gives you more income for your retirement.


  • Easy access to your pension account via the PAL App
  • Swift Self-Help service via PADI, your 24/7 Whatsapp
    virtual pension buddy and
  • Pension Calculator, which helps you stay committed
    to your personal finance goals for the future.


Access up to 40% of your savings, enjoy
health insurance via an HMO option,
access your account balance, track ROI
and lots more through the PAL mobile
app. No stress. Only flex.


Your Micro Pension account can be upgraded into a Retirement Savings Account under the Contributory Scheme when you get a formal job in a company or government agency.

You can remit your
contributions online via
any of these channels

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Only adults aged 18 years and above, resident in Nigeria and without a formal Retirement Savings Account can open a Micro Pension account. Click here to view full details on eligibility and registeration criteria.

Online payment is
also possible through
the PAL Mobile App

Remittances can be made through the PAL mobile app. Get the PAL Mobile App from Google play store, login with your Micro Pension details and remit with your ATM card. It is that simple.

Micro Pension FAQs

The existing Micro Pensions account can be upgraded into a Retirement Saving Account under the Contributory Scheme. To see the procedure for converting from Micro Pension to Contribution Scheme (Formal Sector), Click here.

Simply chat with us or notify us via email at

Alternatively, you can update this detail yourself by downloading and installing the PAL Pensions mobile app.

You can also access the client login page on this website to carry out the change

You can contact us by sending an email to or check the contact us page on our website for all our branches nationwide

The SMS alert is sent to notify clients only when contributions have been received from their employer and their RSA’s have been credited. If you have changed your phone number, we advise you inform us so we can update your profile on our database in order for you to continue receiving the SMS alert.

To change any of such information you are required to fill a Change of Personal Information Form indicating the information you want to change/update. The form is to be signed, dated and thumb printed authorizing the PFA to effect the changes on the database. For a change of name to be effected, you need to provide a change of name document (Sworn Affidavit, Newspaper publication or Marriage Certificate).

With a ‘Will’ the process of administering your funds to the beneficiary is made easy as it is a binding legal document by law. A ‘Will’ eases the stress of the beneficiary having to obtain a letter of administration from the court.    

Your lump sum and monthly pension is a function of 3 things: your RSA balance, age at retirement and last salary. You are however guaranteed to receive a minimum of twenty five percent (25%) of your RSA balance as lump sum payment. This is calculated using a template provided by PENCOM. 

Your RSA is credited with contributions as received from your employer. If you are a Federal Government employee, the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) remits on your behalf and has advised that such complaints be directed to them for verification and correction through Pension Desk Officer (PDO). Private sector employees should revert to the company HR/Accounts department for verification of contributions. 

The PRA 2014 makes provision for RSA holders who have either been redundant; their appointment terminated or have been disengaged by their employer to have access to 25% of the balance in their RSA provided they have been without job for at least four months. The following documents will be required:

  • Letter of Redundancy/Termination/Disengagement issued by your employer
  • Letter requesting for 25% of your Retirement Saving Account Balance
  • Four passport photographs
  • Proof of age (birth certificate OR sworn declaration of age)
  • Bank account details (for confirmation of account number)
  • Confirmation by employer that the person’s pension contributions have been remitted
  • A valid means of identification

The National Pension Commission has provided guidelines on Cross Border Arrangement – CBA. This arrangement allows for Nigerians living abroad amongst others to participate in the Nigerian Pension Scheme. Under the CBA, Nigerians living abroad can make contributions into their Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA) by making payments into a domiciliary accounts opened by our Pension Fund Custodian. Once the lodgement is received, we will credit your RSA with the equivalent Naira value and invest your contributions accordingly.

Your preferred PFA is required to recapture your pension data. Upon validation of your pension data, the PFA will forward a transfer request to the National Pension Commission for approval. The Commission will reconcile, determine your actual contributions and grant approval for the transfer to your preferred PFA

Please use your PIN as username and click on the ”forgot link password” to enable a password reset. Ensure you have an email address registered with us prior to this.

The easiest way is to access the client login page here

The recapture process can be completed seamlessly from the comfort of your home, through the platform

Kindly inform your employer on the amount you would like to contribute as AVC. Your statutory pension and AVC remittance should be separated on the remittance schedule to be sent by your employer.

To ensure remittance of your pension contributions, please furnish your employer with your registration details i.e. your PIN and our bank details thus: 

Bank: UBA 

Account number: 1005385521


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