Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

PAL Pensions will actively promote an enduring CSR strategy and ensure that all initiatives are embedded within the core business of the organization.

Our CSR Mission

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important to Pensions Alliance Limited (PAL Pensions). Whilst we run our business in line with the expectations of all stakeholders, we also see corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a discipline that helps us to manage risks and maximize the opportunities presented to us in a changing world.

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and we are committed to understanding, monitoring and managing our social, environmental and economic impact to enable us contribute to society’s wider goal of sustainable development.

We aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate objectives. Our CSR activities will focus on Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion for different segments of the Nigerian populace.

The initiatives will enable PAL form a strong partnership with its immediate communities, make positive impacts and enrich lives.

PAL Pensions is committed to being recognized as a leader in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility within the Nigerian Pension Industry and recognizes that in doing so, we will add significant value to our shareholders.

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